Queer Muslims and Their Families: A Partnership with Salaam Canada

Recruiting Study Participants

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We are currently recruiting study participants

This study is looking to explore how Queer Muslims experience disclosing their sexuality. This study is looking to explore how Queer Muslims experience disclosing their sexuality, gender identity and expression to their families and kin. This study is also looking to explore Muslim families’ understanding and responses to their queer kin, and how the impact of religious, cultural and ethnic norms can influence how families interact with their queer family members. We are using queer as an umbrella term, as it is most commonly used in everyday conversations. Queer allows for diverse gender identities, expressions and sexualities to exist under this larger umbrella which can be inclusive of: non-binary, trans, gender and sexuality fluid expressions, experiences and identities.

Currently, we are looking for two types of participants:

  1. We are looking to interview and talk to individuals who self-identify as Queer Muslims (i.e. MSM, WSW, LGBTQ+, non-binary Muslims). You don’t have to be a practicing Muslim. All types of ‘Muslimness’ is welcome. *
  2. We are also looking to interview and talk to family members & kin (relatives, parents, extended family, relatives, aunts, siblings, related or unrelated) of Queer Muslims. It would be great, if both participants are from the same family. However, being from the same family is not a requirement.

*The study is no longer recruiting Queer Muslims for this study due to reaching the maximum cap. Family & kin of Queer Muslims are encouraged to participate. If you are a Queer Muslim yourself, you may be interested in a parallel study Supporting Queer Muslims in Social Service Organizations.

We are a team of researchers (Queer Muslim, Muslim and Queer identified) from Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Toronto and Trent University, in partnership with Salaam Canada. You can learn more about our team here.

We are looking to understand the varying responses that Muslim families have to their queer kin (siblings, relatives, uncles, children etc.) on a continuum of acceptance and rejection. We would like to explore what responses of Muslim families are ‘accepting’ or ‘rejecting’, as well as a combination of both. This is really important because there is limited research on how Muslim families do accept, show support and also reject their family members who identify as Queer.

Interviews will address if and how families become understanding and accepting over time (time of disclosure, post-disclosure of sexuality/gender) and the different reasons behind this change; as well as the impact of these reactions on Queer kin and overall family relationships.

Study criteria

+ You self-identify as a Queer Muslim (WSW, MSM, LGBTQ+, non-binary)

+ Or are a family member/kin (chosen family or family-of-origin i.e. aunt, sibling, grandmother etc.) of someone who self-identifies as a queer Muslim;

+ Over 16 years of age;

+ Reside in Canada

Note: Two people from the same family are welcome to participate. Family members and individuals will not be interviewed together.

You will be asked to participate for 60-90 minutes to discuss your experiences as a Queer Muslim or as a family member or kin of a Queer Muslim. You will be provided with $25 honourarium gift card from Amazon.

Note: The study has been approved by REB #6666, and is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

You can find a copy of our flyer here.

Thank you to our study collaborators: